A New Year means new challenges, and opportunities, for Hartford

"As your Hartford City Councilwoman I fought for Hartford's Sanctuary City Status, and I will keep fighting for all our vulnerable communities. Join us!"

As we begin to look forward to a New Year, it's clear that 2017 holds many challenges for our community here in Hartford. A change in control of our Federal government, severe budget issues at the state and local levels, and uncertainty for many vulnerable communities means we will need to work together to meet the challenges ahead. I have spoken with so many of you over the last year and through those conversations I've learned so much about what our city needs.  

Drawing inspiration from those conversations, some of my goals for 2017 will be to:

1. Facilitate robust community participation and education of the upcoming budget discussions, ensuring our Parents and Teachers are heard and respected in our budget decisions. 

2. Hold community conversations on what it means to be a Sanctuary City, and empower each other to provide support in the event of a crisis.

3. Pushing forward with our Women's Economic Agenda through Paid Family Medical Leave, Protecting our right to reproductive health, and Providing leadership opportunities to young women through our internship program.

4. Educate our residents on the issues affecting our Puerto Rican community, it's activists, and how the diaspora is growing in Hartford.

To accomplish these goals, and many more, we will need your help! If you would like to get more involved in 2017 and join our movement for progressive change, please do let us know! You can fill out our feedback form here: http://www.bermudezforcitycouncil.com/feedback

While 2017 will bring us some clear challenges, it also presents a tremendous opportunity for real change. Opportunities that we can only take advantage of if we are working together, from a place of mutual respect and love for our city.

With your help 2017 will bring with it unity, compassion and progress. ¡Pa'Lante!

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