Our statement on the resignation of WFP Councilor Jennings

My statement on the recent resignation of WFP Councilor Jennings, and the letter from City Clerk Bazzano that clarifies the stance of the City on this matter.

"The news of Cynthia Jennings having changed her voter registration to Democrat and leaving her home in the Working Families Party came as a shock.

After years of enjoying a fruitful, cooperative relationship with her on the Court of Common Council, as WFP council members, we are saddened that our colleague did not inform us of her choice.

According to the City Charter, it appears that Attorney Jennings resigned from Common Council when she changed her political party affiliation. The voters of Hartford chose the Working Families Party to represent them, it is important for the health of our democracy that her successor represent the same party and values.

The WFP will work to find a successor from the registered Working Families Party voter rolls in Hartford. It has been a pleasure to work with Attorney Jennings in the last two years, and we wish her well in her endeavors. We thank her for her service and sacrifice."

Police surveillance ordinance

It's time to legalize Marijuana

"By passing this resolution we put ourselves in the drivers seat to ensure the conversation around the regulation of Marijuana in Connecticut is grounded in racial and economic justice. "

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Hartford Hurricane Relief Center Fundraiser/Clothing Drive

Puerto Rico Se Levanta! D.C. Unity March Nov 19

It was an honor to be a featured speaker at the Unity March for Puerto Rico. You can find the full text of my speech below. Full picture album courtesy of the CT Puerto Rican Agenda available at: https://www.facebook.com/NPRACT/posts/1484615938319563

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