BL&D Interview: Wildaliz Bermundez

"We are facing an economic war. That's the war that we all live in. It doesn't matter what your background is, your culture or ethnicity. Working class people are facing an economic war where the very wealthy are trying to amass as much as possible."

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A New Year means new challenges, and opportunities, for Hartford

"As your Hartford City Councilwoman I fought for Hartford's Sanctuary City Status, and I will keep fighting for all our vulnerable communities. Join us!"

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Download our Women's Economic Agenda here!

Holiday update

As we celebrate this holiday, I am thankful for meeting you, working with you, and all of the great people in our community!

Together we accomplished some great things in 2016:
  • Introduced and passed a Resolution affirming that Hartford is and will remain a Sanctuary City
  • Organized directly with residents & union members to successfully defeat a state take over of our Hartford jobs and pensions 
  • Held a Women's Economic Summit, led by four student interns working in my office, attended by over 80 CT Women
  • Published a Booklet for Hartford Women's Economic Agenda 
  • Organized a Hispanic Heritage Month Awards gathering
  • Introduced and Passed a Resolution against the Trans Pacific Partnership
  • Introduced and Passed a Resolution calling for granting clemency to Oscar Lopez Rivera
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City of Hartford Budget!

The month of May was filled with many meetings and presentations from various departments heads as part of reviewing Hartford's City Budget expenditures.

What was the budget process like?

The Mayor introduced a budget and Council members reviewed it and provided recommendations to assist in the budget process. Council heard from residents about suggestions of where money should be reallocated. Council then introduced a series of Resolutions (both financial and non-financial) to assist with the budget deficit.

Overall, the most emails and phone calls that Council received from constituents were about the funding for our library branches, the Animal Control Officer, Tree Trimmers, BOE and MECA. Thankfully, some of these cuts did not reach fruition, as was the case for the library branches. Other cuts were beyond City Council's ability to intervene because they had to do with direct union contracts.

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