Councilwoman Bermudez Publishes REPORT!

Over a month ago, my office and the office of Councilwoman Claudine Fox, held community conversations on drones/surveillance technology and public safety in collaboration with various community groups. The Report captures the findings on the Hartford community conversations held throughout March 2019.

This was a first for Council! 

Often, the only time Hartford City Council hears directly from community on a policy issue is at a public testimony or during an public hearing at City Hall. 


Given the communities feed-back, we decided to do things differently, and go to you, the community for additional perspective. The results were astounding! At these conversations, the community was able to to share their thoughts on public safety and surveillance technology. We certainly learned a lot and we know that with this Report (see attachment) you wiltoo. This allows us to delve deeper into this important issue.


This is a timely matter and we strongly believe that accountability means better policies that have direct input from our community. 


So what are the next steps?

We are excited to announce that there is a group forming to look at public safety surveillance technology policies in the City of Hartford. Stay tuned! More information to come.


In the meantime, we welcome you to join us in this effort.

 If you are specifically interested in being involved in this group moving forward, please email:  or  


Stay tuned! 

More information to come...

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