Hartford Immigrant & Refugee Resource Guide

This resource guide lists services available to all Hartford residents, including undocumented immigrants. Your immigration status information is confidential, and will remain so. City employees will not ask about immigration status unless it is necessary to do their jobs. The City of Hartford serves all residents regardless of immigration status, race, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, color, age, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, physical or mental disability, or religion. 

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Other pro-immigration affiliates: 

Connecticut Students 4 a Dream (C4D)

Connecticut Immigration Rights Alliance (CIRA)

Center for Latino Progress (CLP)

Commission on Refugee and Immigrant Affairs (CRIA)

Public Safety

• The City does not conduct immigration enforcement. The Hartford PD does not ask about the immigration status of crime victims, witnesses, or other people who ask for help. The Hartford police department will not communicate or share information with ICE officials, unless it is pertaining to a criminal investigation or charge.

• Everyone, regardless of citizenship, has constitutional rights. If you are not being arrested, you are not required to submit identification or reveal your immigration status to a police officer.

• If you are being arrested, you are not required to give any information without a lawyer present.

• The Hartford police officers are not permitted to:

    >Inquire about a person’s immigration status (unless the inquiry is necessary for a criminal investigation)

    >Arrest or detain a person based only on their immigration status (unless there is a criminal warrant)

    >Arrest or detain a person based on administrative warrants for removal entered by ICE. 

This is how to find out if someone you know is detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)


To learn more about:

  • What to do if ICE arrests you click here.
  • What to do if ICE arrests your loved ones click here.

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Health Care

• Low-cost emergency and non-emergency health care is available to all at public hospitals and clinics

Charter Oak Health Center (860) 550-7500 • Community Health Services, Inc. (860) 249-9625

Planned Parenthood (860) 728-0203

• For more information about nearby clinics, search 211ct.org or call 211

Question: Regardless of my immigration status can I receive health care or apply for insurance?


Use of City Services

Any service provided by City of Hartford departments shall be made available to residents, regardless of immigration status. Referrals to medical or social service agencies are made in the same manner for all residents, without regard to immigration status.

• Immigration Legal Help

Only Attorneys or Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Accredited Representatives can provide legal advice. Notary publics, businesses, immigration consultants are NOT able to give immigration legal advice.

• Hartford Public Library (HPL) (860)-695-6377 and The American Place (860) 695-6353 offers legal services and education

Center for Latino Progress (860) 247 3227

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Protection from Discrimination and Against Hate Crimes

All Hartford Residents have a right to be free from unlawful discrimination, retaliation, and harassment in the workplace, housing and public places. To file a complaint or learn more, call 311 or the State of CT Commission on Human Rights 860-541-3400

To learn more about:

  • What to do when ICE stops you in public or at your workplace click here.
  • What to do when ICE shows up at your house click here.

Emergency Food and Shelter

• 211 is a service in Connecticut that provides access to emergency food and shelter throughout the state. For more info please call 211 or go to https://www.211ct.org/

Catholic Charities of Hartford specialize in providing low cost childcare as well as food security. Call 1.888.405.1183 for more information

• Interval house provides emergency shelter for women in crisis and their children; http://intervalhousect.org/ (860) 527-0550


Plan ahead

  • Hartford Legal Group has provided information on how to make a plan.


 **This is a working document if you have further needs contact jason.ortiz@hartford.gov


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