Hartford's Surveillance and Drone Regulation

How should drone and new surveillance technology be used? 

Should drones be used at public events like festivals, vigils, protests or any public gathering? How about at schools or where there are children and minors playing? Should drones be used in all public settings throughout Hartford? What about if it flies above your apartment window, what happens next?

About the Drone & Surveillance Ordinance

As you may recall, the City of Hartford was awarded a community block grant (2.5 million dollars) for the purposes of buying drones and surveillance equipment. The drones have already been purchased. 

Since there is no city regulation around the use of drones, I introduced an Ordinance amendment along with Council members Fox, Clarke, Winch and Deutsch to amend Chapter 2 of the municipal code so that it can include protections. This amendment would require annual reports; department policies to be approved by council; prohibition of technology with facial recognition equipment; prohibitions around the weaponizing of drones; limiting the use of drones at public gatherings like vigils or public assembly;limiting the use of drones in areas where their are minors and more... 

While five of us City Council members introduced this Ordinance, Councilman James Sanchez introduced an Ordinance to allow HPD to dictate what kind of policies they want pursue for drone use. Our ordinance wants to make sure that public input is included.

  • It's vital that City Council hears from you directly.
  • Do you think there should restrictions should be placed for the use of Drones and surveillance technology?  Do you think the use of surveillance technology and drones should be decided per a City of Hartford Department Director? or Should the public and residents weigh in on this?
  • Send your suggestions, comments and concerns to: Wildaliz.Bermudez@hartford.gov
Please join us at Council Chambers on:
  • Monday, Nov. 19th at 7:00PM, Public Hearing
  • Tuesday, Nov. 20th at 5:30PM, Public Safety Committee Meeting

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