My resolution in support of Marijuana revenue


INTRODUCED BY:                                                                            Court of Common Council

MINORITY LEADER WILDALIZ BERMUDEZ                                      City of Hartford March 27, 2017

WHEREAS, four bills have been introduced in the General Assembly that would end marijuana prohibition for adults and replace it with a system that would tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol:

  • SB 11: An Act Concerning the Legalization and Taxation of the Retail Sale of Marijuana, introduced by Senator Martin Looney

  • HB 5314: An Act Concerning the Regulation and Taxation of the Retail Sale and Cultivation of Marijuana for Use by Persons Twenty-One Years of Age or Older, introduced by State Representative Melissa Ziobron

  • HB 5539: An Act Concerning the Legalization, Taxation and Regulation of the Retail Sale and Use of Marijuana, introduced by State Representative Juan Candelaria

  • HB 6518: An Act Concerning the Retail Sale of Marijuana, introduced by State Representative Toni Walker

WHEREAS, the War on Drugs has been an abject failure in reducing crime and addiction; and

WHEREAS, the War on Drugs has been cited as a cause of violent crime in our neighborhoods; and

WHEREAS, in New England, Massachusetts and Maine have legalized Cannabis, in total eight states across the country and as well as DC; and

WHEREAS, there is a projected State revenue of $100 Million dollars if legalization were to pass at a time when our state is in a financial deficit and additional economic developments are needed; and

WHEREAS, despite decriminalization of small amount of cannabis, both arrests and issuance of cannabis citations remains racially disproportionate; now therefore be it


RESOLVED, that the Court of Common Council hereby recommend that the Hartford Delegation of elected officials Support SB 11, HB5314, HB5539, and HB6518; and, be it further

RESOLVED, the Hartford Delegation insist on measures to ensure Racial Equity in ownership and employment of new Cannabis related business; and, be it finally

RESOLVED, that Development Services for the City of Hartford produce an economic impact study on the opportunities for economic development, revenue, and employment for the City of Hartford in the event that Cannabis becomes a legal industry in CT.

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