Our improvements to the City Commissions passed! Let's get to work!

"I am excited to have found bi-partisan support for improving our clearly broken commission system to empower more Hartford Residents to get involved in our local decision making. The unanimous decision showed how committed City Council is to ensuring accountability, and using the best available practices. Our city is filled with so many brilliant minds, and I'm very eager to get more of them involved in helping to build Hartford's future." Minority Leader Wildaliz Bermudez

As many Hartford residents know, and have expressed to me directly, our City Commissions process is broken. There are over 100 vacant positions, dozens of expired terms, and multiple commissions are completely defunct including vital commissions like the commission on the permanent status of Women. This is unacceptable to me, so we organized to pass a resolution which will get our commissions back on track. 

And it passed! We are working hard toward fixing our systems but we need your help! Do you know anyone interested in joining one of our many commissions? Have you wondered how you can get involved in solving our city's problems? Are you or someone you know an expert in your field and see ways the City could do better? Then joining a commission is for you!

City commissions are a vital part of informing our elected officials, department heads and other city institutions of current best practices, and to bring potential problems to attention that may otherwise get ignored. Some examples of important commissions are:

COMMISSION ON HIV/AIDS(8 vacancies, 5 out of 6 current terms have expired)

HARTFORD COMMISSION ON DISABILITY ISSUES(8 vacancies, 6 of 7 current terms expired)

FAIR RENT COMMISSION(All 9 positions expired or vacant)

COMMISSION ON HOMELESSNESS(10 vacancies of 13 total spots)

PERMANENT COMMISSION ON THE STATUS OF HARTFORD WOMEN(14 Vacancies, all 5 current member terms have expired)

Over the next few months we will be working with the Mayors office to implement this common sense resolution. If you would like to join a commission please contact the Mayors office and specify what commission you would like to join. If you have trouble or don't find the support you need please contact my Executive Assistant Jason Ortiz at jason.ortiz@hartford.gov 


Here is the full text of the resolution:



INTRODUCED BY:                                                                            Court of Common Council

MINORITY LEADER WILDALIZ BERMUDEZ                                      City of Hartford April 10th 2017


WHEREAS, Hartford City commissions are a vital part of public participation in city governance; and

WHEREAS, our current City of Hartford process for commissions has produced numerous defunct commissions and does not have a defined path to appoint individuals in a timely manner; and

WHEREAS, ensuring a robust commission system is of benefit to the city and it’s residents; and

WHEREAS, there are 30 commissions and of those, 134 commissioner terms have expired; now, be it

RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s office will create a clear and objective system for deciding an applicant's worthiness of commission participation; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s office will henceforth respond to the receipt of an application within 72 hours of receipt to alert the applicant that their application has been received; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the appropriate commission chair is alerted when an application for their committee has been received; and be it further

RESOLVED, That within 90 days a decision be made on the interested applicant, with a clear reason for support or denial, and a quarterly correspondence of such decisions sent to Council; and be it further

RESOLVED, That applicants will be processed as they are received and in a timely fashion specific to each applicant, not forcing one person to wait until others apply; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s office will provide all current applicants with a decision(Approve, Deny, or Approve but waiting to appoint) within 90 days of this resolution's passage; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s office will provide all commision chairs with a quarterly report of applications received and decisions made on such applications; and be it further

RESOLVED, The Mayor’s office create a digital system to post all current open positions online within 30 days of the seat opening, receive and track all applications with time stamps and that allows for residents to see the status of their application at all times and ; and be it further

RESOLVED, All applications include a clear affidavit confirming hartford residency(or not) and political party of the applicant; and be it further

RESOLVED, All commissions shall have a Court of Common Council committee assignment where Council will invite the commission to speak for regular updates; and be it further

RESOLVED, That all applications be available in both Spanish and English.


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