Police Brutality is unacceptable

It has come to our attention that the Hartford Civilian Review Board has uncovered evidence of severe police misconduct, and when having sought a further investigation into wrong doing, relieved of their positions. We believe the public deserves to see this evidence and for the officers involved to be held accountable.

Some background information

  • On January 19th, 2017, the Hartford Courant wrote a story about the Police Civilian Review Board (CPRB)


The story shows CPRB commissioners requesting the names of 19 Hartford officers who refused to cooperate with a criminal investigation conducted by state police in reference to the case of former Sgt. Sean Spell who on June 4th of 2016 was recorded on a dash cam footage for kicking Emilio Diaz in the head after Diaz was subdued. 

  • January 23rd- Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin submits a Resolution before City Council where he would like to replace 4 out of 5 members of the Police Civilian Review Board(Maintaining only one current member)

*CPRB is composed of 9 members and 2 alternates.The needed number of members is 5. The civilian review board currently only has 5 members, meaning if even one is absent, they can not move forward with any of their work.

  • January 30th- Mayor Bronin submits an additional Resolution to appoint two additional members to CPRB. 
  • Feb 1st 2017 A second video emerges, showing 4+ officers involved in assaulting Emilio Diaz

A new video was released that shows without a doubt many officers participated in stomping this young man while he was on the ground and in handcuffs. One officer actually pulls Mr. Diaz's legs while he is in a fetal position so that more officers could more easily injure him. 

Warning: Graphic Police Brutality


Why is it that shortly following the Hartford Courant's article CPRB Commissioners were to be replaced (all except for one)?

  • We request for a fair investigation of clear police misconduct.  We demand accountability from our police to respect the rule of law and protect our vulnerable communities.
  • This clear choice of retaliation for commission members endangers all Hartford residents, and opens our city up to countless incidents of litigation, of which there are already many examples.
  • There is no safety without accountability. Our office is committed to ensuring the integrity of our police force through holding those who commit wrong doing accountable, and supporting the majority of our officers who share our commitment to respect and transparency. 


Next Steps:

Our office has received a lot of push from the community and we are looking to do a number of things to right this wrong:

  1. We will be submitting a resolution titled “A resolution to ensure the integrity of our police force” which will push to renew the terms of the current members  as well as ask that the names of the officers be released and put on UNPAID leave until the conclusion of the investigation, among other policy changes.

  2. We will seek input on what actions we can take at the city level to ensure the safety of our communities from police misconduct.

How the public can support efforts to maintain accountability:

  1. Join us in support of Ricardo and the Police Civilian review board at the public comment session of our Court of Common Council Meeting at 5:45pm in Council Chambers, 2nd floor of Hartford City Hall at 550 Main St.  Every Hartford Resident has the right to speak for 2 minutes, but you do not need to speak in order to come and stand in support of those who do. All are welcome and appreciated. 

  2. Contact the Mayor's office and request that he withdraw his resolution to replace the current civilian review board until this investigation is completed.

  3. Contact your City council representatives to encourage them to refuse to approve replacement members until the closure of this investigation.

  4. Attend the next meeting of the Police Civilian Review Board and thank them for their bravery in search of justice. Tuesday February 21, 2017 at 6pm Room 300 Corp Counsel Conference room


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