Women's Brunch with Wildaliz

Our friends Kate Tufano-Clark and Tianna hosted a brunch to meet with all the influential ladies in our lives and have a chat about issues pertaining to women's rights and politics. What fun!


I loved this opportunity to speak to the wonderful and accomplished women of Hartford! From entrepreneurs, artists, to teachers, these ladies are making things happen in our community.

The talented Zulynet Morales recited some of her spoken word poetry for the group.  Recent Hartford High Graduate and Bhutanese refugee Aiti Rai shared her inspiring salutatorian speech.  I spoke about my experience as a woman in Hartford politics. 


The talented Zulynette Morales reciting her original spoken word poetry.

Hartford is 53% female which means we desperately need more women at the table in board rooms and politics! It feels good to get the support of these inspiring females as I continue to fight for women/family policy issues.






Aiti Rai sharing her Salutatorian speech


One of our wonderful hostesses Tianna Glass











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